Today I am excited to share with you a fun product that you may overlook in the Jan-Apr catalog, it's the Enjoy the Adventure Memories & More items.

There are several ways to use these Memories & More sets. The most known way is to use them for scrapbooking, aka memory keeping. They are also used by a lot of card makers.

I don't love or buy all the sets, but this particular one spoke to me. AND they are the best priced items/best value items in the entire catalog in my opinion.

You can buy the Enjoy The Adventure Memories & More Card Pack and you can also buy the Enjoy the Adventure Memories & More Cards & Envelopes. Each is $10. In the card pack (which the name can be deceptive as they aren't full cards, but they are a card like a playing card would be called a card) you get:

  • 50 total double-sided card in 3″ x 4″ and 4″ x 6″ sizes
  • 4 sticker sheets

The cards & envelopes include 20 card bases and 20 envelopes. Seriously, that's your scored card base and envelopes for 20 cards for only $10. For my non-mathers, that's only $.50 per card base and envelope set!!! Dirt cheap!

The pictures in the catalog don't show it the cards very well, so I wanted to share with you pictures I took.

These are the 3″ x 4″ cards. There are two of each of the patterns, they are double sided. You can see both sides here.

These are the large cards, you can see both sides as well.

These are the sticker sheets you get with the card pack.

And these are the pre-printed card bases and envelopes.

CUTE, right? I love the black and white mixed with the other colors.

My Favorite Way to Start Making Cards With These

You might be thinking, okay, those look fun but what do I do with them? I start by sorting them.

For sorting, my favorite way to start with the is 4″ x 6″ cards. I sort into two stacks. One stack for the ones that I want to use exactly as they are, and one stack for I want to do something more with them.

Then I sort my 3″ x 4″ cards, the exact same way. Ones I want to use as they are, others I want to cut apart or do something different with them.

AND, being completely honest, there are some that I don't like either side of, and I don't use them. They go in the recycling bin. And that's okay. If I know I won't use them, they need to go.

I start with the bigger ones I want to use exactly as they are.

This is the time to also bust out any random little doo-dads, like rhinestones, gems, pearls. I especially recommend using up any little bits you may have left over from another project.

I grabbed an assortment of embellishments, Seal adhesive, and Dimensionals.

Then just started in with my first card. Since I am using the entire piece on a card base, it was as simple as adding it to the card with Dimensions.

After that, just add some embellishments.

Looks cute and it looks done to me!

I spent about 30 minutes and made 10. The two that say “you make my heart happy” I did just like above. The two that say “can't thank you enough” I thought would be perfect masculine cards. So I left them as they are, one I used Dimensionals and the other I didn't.

After that, I look at the big cards that I want to use as backgrounds and do something more with the card.

You can add in some smaller cards, use some of the stickers, add other elements, like punched hearts, or additional layers.

Here are my first 10 cards that I created using this exact method above. It was pretty mindless creating, which is one of my favorite ways to create. And in less than 30 minutes, 10 cards were done and zero stamps were used.

It took me longer to take the pictures and create this post than it did to make the cards!

This is my first batch, starting with the larger cards. In an upcoming post I will share more of what I do with the smaller cards. Some of the smaller cards were used on these cards.

To order your Enjoy the Adventure Memories & More card pack, click here. To order the Enjoy the Adventure Memories & More cards and envelopes, click here. My only regret with these is that I didn't order 2 sets of the cards and envelopes! I should have ordered 2 sets of those.

These are also a great addition to any order you may be placing during Sale-a-Bration to get you a free item since they are only $10 each!

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Thank You

Thank you so much for stopping by today to check out these ideas! I hope you love these cards and are excited to make them for yourself after seeing these. XOXO, Meg

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