Easy Coloring For Your Handmade Cards

I love easy coloring!  I love coloring images as I find it really calming.  But my favorites are the ones that provide that almost instant gratification.

Believe it or not, the coloring done on this card took me less than three minutes.  Yep, I timed it so I could share it with you.  And the way it was done that fast was by using Stampin' Blends.  They are the easiest and fastest coloring tools for your card making.  I am always amazed when I hear from stampers that they haven't tried them out of intimidation of learning how to use them.

BUT, that my friends, is exactly where the issue falls into place.  There really isn't any learning to them.  If you can color, you can use them!  Don't overthink it and don't be intimidated, you simply dive in.

Let me share this card with you – the coloring took the least amount of time.



The Supplies

To dive into making cards like this, you need to start with the supplies.  To order any of these supplies, simply click on a link below, add the host code below to ensure you get free tutorials as a thank you from me, and be prepared to color!

To order any of these supplies, simply click on a link below.  Use the Host Code below to earn free tutorials from me as a fun thank you!


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