DIY Mini Bakery Boxes Thinlits on Sale!

Ooh I am really excited because this week's Weekly Deals includes the Baker's Box Thinlits which lets you make the cutest mini bakery boxes EVAH!  Have you ever been to Panera and get a whole bunch of bagels or some of those yummy pastries they line up in the case?  (Don't even ASK about those Bear Claws!!!)  You know those cute boxes they put your goodies into?  Well, with the Baker's Box Thinlits you can make the most adorable miniature versions of those bakery boxes for any holiday, party or gifting occasion.  Here's a pic of one that is just so cute and easy to make:

DIY Mini Baker's Box

I mean, really, how cute is that?  Also on sale this week is the gorgeous and oh-so-blingy Bermuda Bay Sequin Trim which I love to use to add ties to things OR take the sequins off the threading and use in shaker boxes, as a spot o' bling or as accents on stamped images.  These two items plus three more can be seen here at their discounted price.  Remember, these are offered only while supplies last so if you are thinking these mini bakery boxes could be a super cute addition to your crafting repertoire, order soon and don't miss out on the deal!

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