Are you looking all over for DIY Christmas gift bag ideas? Well, take a breath, because you've found one that is so quick and easy and SUPER cute! Take a look and then we can chat about it:

DIY Christmas gift bag ideas


Isn't that pretty?  And seriously, it's SO easy to make!  I use the Gift Bag Punch Board and as I said in this post earlier, I wasn't even sure why I had bought it but then I started using it and, well, I can't stop!

I want to show you two things up close because it's these little touches that take something from “cute!” to “WOW!”. First take a look:

Check here if you are looking for DIY gift bag ideas


See that white scalloped circle behind the red circle? Did I NEED that?  No. But adding that grounds that greeting in a playful, whimsical way that matches the white details on those teeny tiny candies. And see the double bow? Those extra loops add just a little more visual weight to the greeting assemble and thus anchor everything again, creating something that is visually substantial without being “heavy” or using a ridiculous amount of product. The double looped bow is insanely easy to make with the 10 Second Bow Maker so if you have one, pull it out and experiment!  All those fancy bows you thought were too fussy are 10 seconds away!  If you don't have one, well, gee, get one now!

These little additional touches are things I include in just about every single one of the over 300 videos that are FREE on Stamping Family. We have so many new members lately because everyone is thinking Holiday Crafts and, of course, looking for DIY Christmas gift bag ideas among so many other things. The one thing I keep hearing from these wonderful members is that they LOVE all the little “goodies” I give away in the videos. We would LOVE to have you join us and the only thing missing from Stamping Family right now is YOU!  For less than $10 a month you can have access to all those videos PLUS all my classes that I make for sale PLUS your own gallery PLUS challenges……..  Look, just come and see – you will love it and WE will love YOU!

Here are the things you are going to want to get your hands on for these super cute DIY Christmas gift bag ideas:



One of my favorite DIY christmas gift bag ideas


I have MORE DIY Christmas gift bag ideas so be sure to check back with me here on the blog or on my Facebook page!



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