DIY Christmas Card Using Ornament Keepsakes from Stampin' Up!

Good morning from Texas!  If that comes across that I am wide awake and rearing to go, it is false!  My eyelids are sooooo heavy this Monday morning and I don't think any amount of coffee is going to help.  So if you are wondering why I am not only up, but already making cards, I have to tell you, I am wondering the same thing.

The real reason is that we have company and our company feels like you are cheated out of life if you get up past 5:30.  I kid you not.  Being firmly in denial about there being more than one 5:30 in a 24 hour period, it is hard for me to accept this and also hard to go back to sleep when they are up talking and visiting.  So up I got, made coffee, ate donuts… and then they decided to have quiet time and read.  Uh……  huh?  I wanted quite time today too – it's called SLEEP!

(I say all this with a smile on my face, it is my mother in law and her hubby and it is beyond awesome when they come and visit!)

Now that I am somewhat caffeinated, sugared up from the donuts, and dressed, there is no way I could go back to sleep, so I decided to do what I love to do more than anything else – Make a Card!

Opting for simple was a must though.  I also pulled out a stamp set that I had almost forgotten about.  It is called Christmas Keepsakes.  If you thought it was retired, you are semi right.  Stampin' Up! has decided to declare 2013 the Year of Confusion with new product releases and confusing releases.  I am working hard to keep you in the know, BUT, it hit me last night that you need a place to go and find everything that is available that is not in the catalog. You can find it here:

What You Won't Find in the Stampin' Up! Catalog

Here is my card using the Ornament Keepsakes stamps and framelits:

DIY Christmas Card Using Ornament Keepsakes

When it comes to DIY Christmas Cards, many find this overwhelming.  We will be talking a lot about mass producing this season.  And I want to hear from you!  In the comments below, please share your questions or insights when it comes to mass producing greeting cards.

My hopes for you today:

I hope that this finds you having a great start to your week!

I hope that you find the new page of what you won't find in the catalog helpful (I will be adding to it throughout the week).  

I hope you leave a comment about mass producing.

Thank you for being a part of today's DIY Christmas Card Using Ornament Keepsakes.

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