Discount on Paper Pumpkin


Today through September 10, you can get a 50% discount on Paper Pumpkin for September's kit. I've seen it and it's seriously gorgeous. I am not allowed to spill any beans until it goes out for mailing but think autumn sparkle so pretty it could “give you the shakes”.

So here's the thing about these Paper Pumpkin promotions – I was wondering why the heck Stampin' Up! always seems to have some sort of dealio going on with Paper Pumpkin. I mean, I know it's great – you can read my honest opinion here – but, like, maybe enough already?

Well with this promotion they shared that they do this to help us keep replenishing subscribers who might drop getting Paper Pumpkin every month. And I had to stop for a second and wonder what they meant. Because, yes, in the beginning I DID lose subscribers. The kits weren't that great, they weren't that fun and people weren't into it.

BUT, since Stampin' Up! made some seriously awesome improvements to these monthly goodie boxes, I haven't really lost any subscribers!  Why? Because the kits are now really really nice! The stamp sets are AWESOME and frankly, even if I am not a fan of the kit projects, I ALWAYS find a way to use the stamps! And again, the parts and pieces they send for the projects are robust! You get a different color Ink Spot (my FAVORITE thing for stamping on the go!) every month in 12 month cycle. You get AMPLE ribbon, trim, sequins, etc for your projects so there's no skimping necessary on your end.

You can build a killer collection of stamp sets and ready-to-go cards and treats through Paper Pumpkin and honestly – it's one of the things I have come to adore so much I can't ever see myself stopping it.

And apparently, 99% of my customers feel the same way!

So if you haven't tried it out yet, why not get your first kit at a whopping HALF OFF? It's almost like you can't afford NOT to get it because the stamp set alone will be worth it! Go here, sign up – cancelling, if you want to be one of my unicorns <lol> is SUPER easy – be sure to use promo code HALFOFF0917 and get a nice juicy discount on Paper Pumpkin just to try it out!



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