DIY Card Making – Picking Out Your Color Palette for a Hand Made Card

I wanted to make a card today Just Because I wanted to.  This card was not made for anyone in particular, there wasn't anything I especially wanted to use, to play with, etc, I just wanted to make a card “just because” I wanted to.  So this expression that I chose for it matched perfectly.

If you know me at all, you know I am drawn to polka dots like a bee is to honey, like a 7 year old little girl is drawn to a princess crown, like the way I am drawn to Dr. Pepper.  It calls to me, it beckons me, it says “look at me” and most loudly it yells, “CRAFT WITH ME!”

I had zero intention of using polka dots, until I realized that I had four different polka dot patterns sitting on my counter and I was trying to pick the one I wanted to use.

diy card making, picking out your color palette

If you are asking, “Meg, why did you pick that one?”  I am glad you asked!  I can actually tell you.  It all came down to the colors that I paired with the different polka dots.

Yesterday I was writing an email to a new paper crafter, well, she hasn't decided if she is going to be a new paper crafter, she was going to try it out this weekend and see if it is for her.  But I was trying to convey in email that I am a sucker for color coordination.  I *hate* trying to match up colors.  There are few things in life that I hate, but this is one of them.  (You try growing up with a mom that is an Interior Designer – who says crazy, insane things like, “There is too much blue in that shade of brown, you need a more gray brown.”  HUH?  When did brown stop being brown?  To me, I can take things as far as this:  Brown, Light Brown & Dark Brown.)

Moving on… Back to the polka dots.  I pulled out my color coach (it is a tool from Stampin' Up! that tell you which color works with which color – without you needing to know color theory).  Then I grabbed my catalog and turned to the pages in the book that tell you what the colors are that are in each patterned paper.  These two things right here are why I will always be a fan of Stampin' Up!  It is easy to learn what looks good together when all the products come with cheat sheets!

I had four piles of colors, and this one really spoke to me the loudest.  That is usually how I pick out my color palettes for my hand made cards.

Then the expression was a no brainer, I was looking through my sentiments and found “Just Because” from A Dozen Thoughts and it totally worked for the card.

Here is the DIY card:

DIY Card Making - Picking Out Your Color Palette for a Hand Made Card

Here is the video tutorial teaching you how to make this card – all the supplies and dimensions are listed in the video:

I hope that you enjoyed today's video tutorial teaching you some tips on picking out your color palette for your DIY Card Making!

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