Decorating a Candle Using Your Stamps

I have this decorative candle holder, and I found a white candle to put in it – and once it was in there, it just looked, well….. blah.  Not just a little blah, but a lot blah.  The candle holder looked better without a candle than it did with a white, blah candle in it.

That, my friends, is a creative opportunity waiting to happen!

The first question was did I want this to be a candle that's decorations would change with the season or stay the same year round?  I opted for seasonal.  One might think that I would start with something September-y (not a word, but I think it works here) or Halloween.  But no…  for some reason I opted for fall and Thanksgiving time.  Why not?  It is still almost 100 degrees outside, the leaves are still amazingly green (thanks for the rain we have had lately!) – this IS fall weather in Texas.

Now here is the other thing, I am not a glitter person.  It makes a HUGE mess and everyone looks at you all weird in the checkout when the inevitable glitter sticks to your face, your hair, your clothes,etc.  My daughter is a total glitter freak – she loves it!  She would totally write songs about me if I sprinkled her with glitter every morning before she walked out the door for school.

She was giggling so much yesterday when I pulled out the glitter with anticipation.  (She even asked if she HAD to take a bath last night, hoping that the glitter would cover her from head to toe.)

But I used the Glass Glitter, it is thicker and doesn't have the same powder-spreading-magic of Dazzling Details.  It is thicker and heavier, meaning that it really stays where you put it.  Me = Happy.  Emily = Totally Bummed!

All of the instructions on how to create this (along with my best tip for working with this glitter) were posted to Stamping Family yesterday.

Here is the decorated candle using stamps:

Decorating a Candle Using Your Stamps

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I hope you enjoyed the project idea, and the ramblings of this paper crafter.  So which category do you fall into?  Are you pro or anti glitter?  Share in the comments below.

Today was Decorating a Candle Using Your Stamps, what will you find here on here later this week?

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