If you are looking for easy to make cute valentine cards, stop here! This card came together so quickly and it's SO adorable – I can see doing a big stack of these for class Valentines, for co-workers, friends…..to be honest, change the word and you can use them for anything!  Take a look:

Cute Valentine cards

Is that not SO CUTE? It was ridiculously easy, too – your kids could absolutely make these for classes and if they don't like the word “love” – the opposite sex can be very ICKY! – you could use “happy” or “be mine” or “sweet”.  You could also make these with “Thanks”, “Congrats”…any word you can fit on the stamp will work!

And since the only word you have to line up is the one at the bottom, this card can be whipped out of nowhere. I plan to have a little stash of card bases, panels and teeny punchies ready to go for when I need something for the person who is AT THE DOOR!

Here's what I used to make this card:


What more could you ask for? Quick, easy and ridiculously cute valentine cards all ready to go!




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