Today I have a NEW Friday Flip for you using craft washi tape in a very similar way as I did with this card

washi tape birthday cards

but with different colors and a different sentiment – pretty much everything else is the same! With the Friday Flip, I am showing you how you can take one card or card idea and FLIP it around in any way to make a new card. It's great to look at your projects and see what else you can do with or to it to mix it up because you can have endless ideas when you do!


See how all I did was substitute a different collection of craft washi tape, change out the sentiment and coordinate the colors? Sometimes it's just that easy!  Here's a video where I show you all the details:



Here's the flipped card:


Craft Washi Tape


Someone commented the other day that I sure do like my bows – she did too and wanted to know how mine are always so perfect. Well, it wasn't always that way, let me tell you! I am the kind of person who, if I can't find something that works for me, I will MAKE it – like with Stamping Family and the 10 Second Bow Maker. Once I came up with HOW to make a perfect bow, I designed a tool to help me and so many people asked for one, I made enough to share. It's not NECESSITY that is the mother of invention, it's frustrated CRAFTING that is!  LOL!

Here are the products I used to make this card:

Take a look at your cards – which ones do you just love OR which ones were so easy to make? Now, how can you do a flip and get another project out of it? And can you flip it again OR can you flip your flip? Do you feel like you are watching gymnastics?

Use your existing projects to inspire you to make new ones and you will never run out of ideas. Take a peek at your supplies; paper, ink, stamps, craft washi tape, embellishments and FLIP them around and you will be able to craft for days!





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