Today I am sharing one of my best craft paper storage ideas. This video, up until today, has been EXCLUSIVE to Stamping Family members but as you know, if you have been following along this month, I am sharing unprecedented behind the scenes peeks to all that awaits you over in the Treehouse.

This one of my many craft paper storage ideas repurposes a Paper Pumpkin box, but if you don't get Paper Pumpkin, look around in your craft room and see if there's another smaller sized box that you can cut down to make this nifty paper holder. I came up with this because the new packages of 6 X 6 paper from Stampin' Up! now comes loose and if you are like me, you RIP into the package when you get it to see all those gorgeous patterns and end up with nothing to store them in.

Take a look:

Cute, huh?

And if you are like me (again) and get more than one package of the paper at a time because you can't resist the fabulousness of it all, you can double up!  I love being able to flip through the papers without taking them all out and I have a bunch of these lined up on my shelf so everything is right at my fingertips.

I LOVE making these quick little videos and there are TONS more over on Stamping Family. Because Stamping Family feels like MY home, my hangout spot, and because all the members really and truly do feel like family members, I am more likely to just pop on camera and make a video despite what I might be wearing or whether I am all gussied up. In fact, one of the most popular videos I do is called “Coffee Talk” where I LITERALLY plop down with a cup of coffee – sometimes even still in my pajamas – and yak away about what I am doing during the week.

I really hope all these fun little sneak peeks are encouraging you to try out Stamping Family. I do love the people there so much and right now the only thing missing from Stamping Family is YOU! So come on over – check us out! And in the meantime, go ahead and try out this, my favorite craft paper storage ideas, in your own “Treehouse”!

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