Have you hear of Christmas in July? From what I understand it's a thing where people who simply CANNOT wait for Christmas start planning it in July with cookies and crafts and gift shopping and what have you. Personally, I have enough trouble juggling each month as it comes! But I get the excitement and when better to do all that work than when the AC is on? I mean, look at this guy – HE'S taking advantage of the hot weather…..


Christmas In July

Of course I think of Christmas in July as a chance to maybe, I dunno, get something for myself now without the crowds and the chaos. I mean, during Christmas in December I am usually tearing around making things special for my sweet girl so when I reeeeeeeally think about it, shopping for myself right now makes me a SUPER good Mom!

And what do I want? Well STAMPING STUFF of course!  And, oh – HEY! There just so happens to be two amazing deals right now for stampers who just can't get enough stuff!  Imagine that! What a coincidence!

The Bonus Days special is a great way to stock up on all the new In Color stuff that you don't have yet, supplies you use throughout the year and those bundles that are on the higher side but that you want so very very badly. For every $50 in merchandise (before tax and shipping) that you spend you get a $5.00 coupon to spend in August. There is NO LIMIT to the number of coupons you can get and all your purchases through me also count toward your I Teach Stamping Rewards. Double dip!

And then there's the macdaddy special – the INSANE sign up special that runs only through July 31. Sign up for $99 and you get $125.00 worth of merchandise, at LEAST $100 worth of business supplies (if you want to try it out – includes eight brand spankin' new catalogs!), an Essentials Kit with five terrific tools valued at $52 and a sneak peek stamp set from the Holiday Catalog – not even available to demonstrators until August 1 – worth $20. It costs you more NOT to get this package than it does to get it!

If you do snatch this up, you will be an official demonstrator on August 1 which means…………are you ready?………….drum roll…………you get to preorder available products from the Holiday Catalog ON August 1 right along with all the other demos!

Yes, I have had a BUNCH of people sign up – the deal is just too delicious. No, you do NOT have to start a business if you don't want to. Yes,
p-l-e-n-t-y of people who have signed up in the past “just for the discount” – oh, did I mention that you get 20% off everything in the catalog as long as you are a demo? – are now proud business owners. It can happen.

When you think about it, being a demo is like getting free shipping PLUS 10% off everything you buy. Not a bad dealio AT ALL.

Are you thinking it's time for you to do a little pre-holiday shopping for yourself? Tantalized by the idea that you could cross one very important person – YOU! – off your list? Celebrate – Christmas in July only comes around 31 times a year!



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