Christmas Card Tips_ Part Two


Yesterday I shared my Christmas Card Tips: Part One where we figured out WHAT you were going to send to WHOM. Today we will work through HOW you are going to get them done so you can be the card sendin' star of the show! Let's look at the steps you can take to do this:

Step One – Plan Your Days

Grab your calendar and pick at least four days. The actual amount of time you will need to spend on those days will be based on the number and complexity of the cards you are making but setting aside a “day” to be reserved to accomplish each step will give you all that wiggle room you might want or need.

Step Two – Cut Day

The first day is your Cut Day when you will do all what I call “the boring part”. Some people LOVE this day because they love to see all the components pile up. Cut all your card bases and score them, cut all your layers, punch or die cut your pieces, cut and punch your trim pieces – anything that needs to be “made” gets done today. When you are done, you can pat yourself on the back for getting all the foundational work completed!

Step Three – Stamp Day

This is when you do your stamping. I get it, the name says it all. But it would be weird to just say stamp day without having supporting sentences. So here are the supporting sentences.

Step Four – Assembly Day

This is the day that the clouds part, the birds of happiness land on your shoulders, it’s all sunshine and rainbows because this is the day it all comes together. All the prep work, all the stamping, all the die cutting, all the mess covering your dining room table (who eats at that anyway?) comes together into beautiful harmony. This is the day that you use enough adhesive to stick yourself to yourself, and maybe even get some on your card stock. This day is one to look forward to, to celebrate, to stay in your pajamas and listen to your favorite music or binge watch a whole season of your favorite show. (I personally feel that the planners of new shows are stampers – they are also filling their DVR with entire seasons this time of year so that they can make their cards to new shows rather than with reruns playing.

Am I wrong?)

Step Five – Envelope Day

This day goes particularly well with a lovely bottle of Chardonnay or sparkling Cider. Just sayin’! This is the day that we do  our signing of the cards, our inserting the family picture, our envelope stuffing, sticking on the postage, the spanking it on the behind and sending out the door.

I am being sassy but seriously, celebrate this! This is Facebook Status Update worthy!!! Remember that phone – use it 🙂 Take a picture of the stack of cards and ask the question – Did you make the cut? Find out in less than a week – hahahahaha!!! (Only do this if you aren’t friends with your mother in law!)

Just kidding, I love my mother in law, she is one of my favorite people – and she reads this, so I have to say it 🙂

But there you have it…

Meg’s Two Part Preparing for Christmas: Card Tips Process to Getting Your Christmas Cards Made and Sent (trademark pending).

Just kidding on the trademark part. And here is the skinny. I share these tips and tricks and projects because I want to earn your business. I want to share the best information possible with you. I want to help you in your creative stuff – I want to teach you what you want to learn. I seriously want to earn your business. I don’t shy away from saying that. I do run a business, this is what I do to support my family.
And every order you place helps!

For EXCLUSIVE ideas, be sure to sign up for my Twelve Weeks Of Christmas, loaded with ideas and even more Christmas card tips!

OK, go forth and conquer being the mistress or master of Christmas Card supremacy and USE these Christmas card tips to your advantage!




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