Are you looking for a fast and unique way to make a background for your cards?

This is a super fun way of doing that!

The chisel end of a marker can often be the red headed step child of a marker. It's not as smooth as a brush end and it's not as crisp as a bullet tip. BUT, it can do many things that the others two can, which is why they exist.

One of my favorite ways to use it is what we are going to do today.

We are going to scribble like a 3 year old who just got ahold of a marker and needs to go to town with coloring on something, but we will show some slight restraint and use it on card stock.

Since we aren't blending with this chisel end, we can use whatever card stock we want to use.

I am using OLO markers (use code “meg” – all lower case at checkout please) for this and one of my favorite colors R.05 and just doing my thing with it.


Have you ever used the chisel tip of your marker to make a background? @OLO™ marker have the perfect chisel tip alcohol markers! Give this a try! #alcoholmarkarkers #coloring #coloringtutorial #papercraft #papercrafting #cardmaking #create #cardmakingfun #create #diyproject #diyprojects #5minutecrafts

♬ Vibes – ZHRMusic

Add some stamped circles and your sentiment, and you are good to go! For a little pop, add a small strip of black and white striped paper and some rhinestones.

You can make this card EASILY in under 2 minutes! It really goes together that fast.

It's Your Turn

Give this a try! I LOVE OLO Markers. They have been a massive game changer for me since I was introduced to them in late March. Affordable and completely awesome – a winning combination for sure! I do ask that you use my link above when you order with them, it helps me to strengthen my relationship with them 🙂


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