It's ALWAYS a great time to sign up but would you like to know a bunch of reasons why you might want to become a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator NOW?  Let's take a look:

1. The new catalog is about to come out and there's TONS of new goodies inside!  I am not allowed to show you anything from inside but here's the OUTsideCover of the brand new 2016-2017 Stampin' Up! catalog and I guarantee you that the products inside are as fresh and fun as they look like they are going to be!

2.  We demonstrators get to order selected items a full month ahead of the catalog launch and when you sign up now you can choose from the SAME ITEMS for your starter kit (see #4 below)!  Seriously?  How much fun would that be?  To not only get a ton of new stampin' toys but to get stuff not yet available to the public?

3. As a demonstrator we always get sneak peeks and often preorder opportunities from new catalogs a whole month ahead of the catalog launch.  This means that we can get a head start on our samples, classes and workshops meaning we can actually PLAN our events ahead of time as well as indulge in that fun feeling of being in the first to know.

4. Your starter kit is totally customizable!  Already have all the stamp sets you want and want to put them to work for you?  You can choose all cardstock and embellishments if you like.  Want to dive head first into Project Life by Stampin' Up!?  Choose all the scrapbooking goodies you want!  Planning to be a custom designer?  You can choose only those items that fit your style.  You get $125 of product plus $40 in business supplies for just $99.  Yes, you can start a business, scaled to your available time and resources, for just $99!

5. You get paid to craft.  Never did I ever imagine I would get paid to practice my hobby.  Yes, there are lots of other things that go into having a successful business but it's the best feeling ever to know that you get to do what you LOVE to do while building a business and earning money.  How many people get to say that?

6. You have a built in safety net – two of them, actually.  The first is me as your “upline” (the person under whom you sign up).  My business has taken many forms throughout my demonstratorship and it continues to change and grow.  As your upline I am here to help guide you and act as a resource as you explore where your demonstratorship takes you.  Also, as demonstrators, we have this amazing resource called Demo Support.  It is our exclusive direct line to the company where you can get help with just about anything – ordering issues, product questions, reporting help, ANYthing – and they are the nicest people at an 800 number you could ever call. I am not kidding – they set the gold standard for customer service.

7. The rewards keep getting better and better! Next week I will be cruising the Mediterranean with a whole lot of awesome stamping colleagues (see #9 below) and I am looking forward to earning a trip to Thailand next year.  Thanks to Stampin' Up! I have been to Alaska, Fiji, Hawaii, DisneyWorld, the Southern Caribbean and the Western Carribean Islands.  If you are like me you've got a budget for travel and there's no way I would have ever been able to get to all these places – and certainly not in the style Stampin' Up! does – without earning these trips.  If travel isn't your thing, that's OK too!  Stampin' Up! has changed the way we earn Flex Points and we can use those for ANYTHING we like from the selections – swag, products, jewelry, electronics, free registration at Stampin' Up! events………  It's totally FLEXible!

8. You can build any kind of business you want.  You can become strictly a workshop demonstrator, holding in person events and making up to 38% on everything you sell.  You can offer in person or online classes and collect fees to go along with those product sales.  You can be a custom designer and use the fabulous Stampin' Up! products as your source for your creations.  You can create finished products and sell them in person and online.  You can create a combination of any of these options – and more – and build the business YOU want.  And the best thing is because this business is all yours – with some basic, sensible rules – and it meets you where you are in life.  Whether you have little kids, are retired, are single, female or male – you can stick with what works for you or try out new things all the time.  It's up to YOU.

9. There are no nicer and more fun people on earth than other stampers.  You really get to know their personalities and styles and I have made some life long friendships with my customers and team members.  You get to meet so many different people and having the love of crafting tying you all together, it makes getting to know each other that much easier.  I NEVER imagined that I would EVER feel comfortable speaking in front of 1500 people but knowing that everyone in that audience shared a love of stamping with me made it not just possible but FUN to present to all those people. And you haven't lived until you have gone to a Stampin' Up! training event.  If you think it's fun to stamp with 3 people, imagine doing so with 3,000!  These kid free, tax write off events can be just the thing to spark your creativity and connect you with other demos.

10. I saved the best for last.  One reason to sign up NOW is because I would LOVE to have you on my team!  I don't often brag but when something is true I will say it.  I LOVE my team.  I love inspiring people, I love seeing people achieve their goals through their own businesses, I want to sing at the top of my lungs when someone in my team gets a promotion, and I truly love so many things about what the Stampin' Up! opportunity offers people.  There's never any obligation and I will not chase people down in the supermarket to ask them if they “joined yet”.  If you have questions, I would love to answer them for you.  Email me at or, if you know you are ready to get started, go here and sign up!

Think about it for a few minutes – what could you do if you become a Stampin' Up! demonstrator now?

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