This month I featured a couple of posts where I talked about baker's twine and I have to say, it's really a MUST for crafters!   First, if you missed it, here's a quick tip video that shows you how you can straighten your baker's twine.  And then here and here you can see projects with it in action.  So why do I think it's a MUST?

Well, first of all, it's incredibly budget friendly.  As you can see here, Baker's Twine is just $3.00 for 25 yards – that's 0.003 cents per inch!  Even the thick Baker's Twine, at $3.50 for 15 yards, is a steal at 0.006 cents an inch.  SUPER cheap!  But not “cheap” in how it looks.  Because it's woven, baker's twine is strong and even though it is a fiber, it offers some nice heft due to the strands being twined together (hence the name).  For fine detail, use on strand.  For a little more dimension and focus, use a few.  You can even wrap the twine around paper elements to completely cover them or just provide some textural interest to a specific area.

In addition to using Baker's Twine as a stand in for trim, you can also use it to represent any type of rope or string, as I did with the balloons in this project.  Picture an adorable banner made with any of the banner shapes from a Thinlit “strung” on a cord of baker's twine.  Or use baker's twine as little leashes on animals, hair ties on tiny stamped pony tails or simply to add an accent wherever you like using the Ten Second Bowmaker to create perfect little many-looped bows.

Stampin' Up! offers Baker's Twine in five colors twined (or twisted) with Whisper White:

Product List

Six colors of the Solid Baker's Twine:

Product List

And in six colors in the Thick version – at almost three times the thickness of the regular:

Product List

I have a healthy stash of Stampin' Up! Baker's Twine on hand all the time and once you start using it regularly, it will become a MUST for you, too!

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