Hey stamping friends!!

There is nothing like taking some down time to refresh, recharge, reinvigorate, all the re's…

Last week we did a staycation.  We worked on Emily's built ins for her bedroom.  And we had every intention of going to the waterpark -but it was just too hot.  So we went to movies, went out to eat, played board games and worked on her built ins.

Isn't it strange how we don't really realize how much we need the downtime or vacation until we are in the middle of it.  Then it's like – WOW, I needed that more than I realized.

That's EXACTLY how I felt on Thursday.  By yesterday, I was itching to get back to work – that's a sign of pure joy in doing what I do.  It wasn't the feeling like “time to make the donuts” or “Ugh, I have so much waiting for me when I get back”.

It was a feeling of excitement, of anticipation, of pure and simple joy.

Do I love all the parts of what I do?  Heck no!  I don't like the record keeping, the mundane tasks – but, I will (somewhat) gladly continues those tasks because those are necessary for me to do what I truly love, which is helping others stamp more AND for them to get more out of the experience.

When I came back this morning, my first thing to do was to check in with Stamping Family.  That's my happy place 🙂  And waiting for me were these heart warming comments in there from members (some have been members a short time, some several years) and what the overall message was – many of these ladies have been stamping for 20+ years AND that they are learning more in that site than they have from doing and making for over 20 years and watching a ton of YouTube videos.

Stamping Family was an idea started on a napkin over 6 years ago.  The goal of the site was to get members to create more and enjoy their crafting time more.  For them to connect with other papercrafters from all over the world.  Another goal was for me to be a member, not just the owner of it.  I wanted each member to learn something new every time they log in AND do all of that using what they already have.

That part is something that no one really believes until they are members.  It's not a buy this and get that kinda place.  It's not free with catalog purchase.  It is just good ol' fashion learning, sharing, connecting, and playing.

With the projects I share by video, I explain WHY I chose what I am using.  WHAT I was looking for in the size, shape of the sentiment or image.

Again, no one believes me and I hear a lot that people don't want to pay for a sales pitch.  I wouldn't want to either.  That is why I started my own site, rather than just jumping into another site.  I, too, was tired of being sold to 365 when all I wanted to do was make cards.

What is really great in the site is the members.  The love and compassion they share for each other.  It is a positive and uplifting environment.  My part is to provide unique ideas of using different tools you probably already have, or how to look at your stamps differently – and all of that is done by video.

OK, I didn't actually mean to go on and on about Stamping Family – but that's where my fingers led my keyboard.

Coming back to the stamp room with joy and excitement AND THEN reading those comments on Stamping Family – was just a double BAM that I am doing exactly what I should be doing when I am supposed to be doing it.

And that, my friends, is pretty awesome.

Be sure to check back a whole bunch over this week – there is lots headed your way!


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