I recently shared this yellow and black handmade card. I still keep looking at it and loving it.

This card came about from one of the sketches in Vol 3 of Card Sketch of the Month.

While I had used up my scraps making my recent card, it was well worth it to make more!

Today's project is a different because there isn't any stamping!

It keeps the scraps, and I rotated the orientation of the card and then BAM – stuck a giant word die cut on there!

One of the things I love most about this card is how the top panel with the yellow and black stripes is raised with foam tape. And then the letters are too.

So rather than just have a simple card where everything is flat, the WOW in this card is depth with all the foam adhesive tape behind it.

All it needed to finish it off were some rhinestones!

The Supplies

Please don't kill me over the die cut – these were gifted to me a few year back on a magnet sheet, I have no idea where they are from.

BUT, I did find some that are super cute AND there are 3 different sentiments in them.

Then you just need card stock and regular adhesive and you are good to go!

I don't know which I like more….

But that's the beauty of card making, I don't have to like one more than the other. I get to love them both!

It's just all good clean fun 🙂

Your Turn

Here's my goal with every blog post I share. My hope is that you are inspired to create. Creativity it good for the soul. I would love to know if this card inspires you. And if so, how? What part got your creative juices flowing?

If you're a member of Stamping Family, if you are inspired to make a version of this card, post it in your gallery so we can all see it and love on it. If you aren't in Stamping Family, then we are sad. We love card makers and love it when card makers join us!

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