I've been wanting to try OLO Markers for quite a while – and now that I have, I LOVE them!

They are smooth like butter, they are just incredible.

I will be sharing more about them going forward, but recently made the cutest coffee card with them to see how interested you are in learning more about them.

The Cutest Coffee Card

Want to see this super cute card?

How sweet is this?

By using a handful of OLO markers and simple coloring and blending techniques, you can make a card like this in no time!

As a lover of color, I feel like new colors breathe new life into older supplies. This stamp set is one I have had for years. I used it a lot, but then found myself kind of bored with it. It's not out of style or trend, but I had already used it a lot with my favorite colors and papers. So it has just sat there.

Fast forward to having new markers, and this stamp set popped into mind.

I want to know if you want to learn more about these markers and how you can use them in your card making.

We can talk about the awesomeness of the markers themselves, the simple refill process, how to use them, and the color palette.

AND 32 new colors just released and they are stunning!!!

These half markers – and that will make sense the more we get into them, have completely stolen my heart!

The Video

Want to see this card come together?


Let’s color!!! Not only is this my first video using @OLO™ marker, they just released 32 amazing new colors! Do you want to see more coloring vidoes like this? Let me know! @Catherine Pooler Designs @tayloredexpressions #alcoholmarkers #easycoloring #markers #colorblending #cardmaking #diyproject #diyprojects #crafts #art #happymail #craftingtutorials #craftingtutorials #craftingtiktok #easycraft #crafting #papercraft #olomarkers #olomarker

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Want to See More?

Leave me a comment so I know! More ideas are headed your way soon! XOXO, Meg

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