I have been working on two projects that are more than cards, I have been working on one longer than the other and they are both almost finished!  I had no intention of wrapping them both up at the same time and now I am torn as to which I should share first!  The first, I know a ton of you will go nuts over, the second, I know a ton of you will go nuts over – ack!!!!  What am I to do? 

Both of these projects are based on my stampers who want these two things.  Seriously, I am struggling!  I am great at secrets, only one other person knows that I have been working on them both.  And she is not talking.  She is 5, so now that I think about it, she can probably be easily bribed.  Emily has been a part of both of these.  She wants me to tell you that one of them involves cupcakes, and the other involves the computer.   OK, so the secret it out of the bag, right?  Clear as mud?

Be on the lookout for updates for these two things.  And my newsletter subscribers will hear about them first.  So if you are not signed up for my newsletter, jump over to the right hand side of your screen and fill out the box. 

It is killing me not to tell……

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