Stampin Up Color Revamp? Good or Bad?

You might have heard the news that the Stampin Up Color Revamp is coming.  And for many of you this is good news, for many, not so much.

So let's chat about it….

I have heard from many of you on how sad you are that colors are retiring.  I feel your pain in this, I feel your frustration.  You LOVE your colors, or else you wouldn't have bought them.  I love them too 🙂  Not only do we have colors retiring, but we also have colors moving from one color collection to another, we have a new ink pad style.  Like stop the madness already, right?  I hear you!!!

And if you are like me, a type A personality – now all my labels of my card stock are in the wrong order – I have to remake all my tabs.  How will I store retired colors and new ones?  The list grows and grows.

I felt the exact same way 5 years ago with our last color revamp – I really miss my Bashful Blue to this day!  I felt weird stocking up on some colors while anxiously awaiting the new ones, wasn't sure how they would work together, like all kinds of outta sort with it all.

As someone who sells it, I struggled with it for my stampers.  They just bought a color that was new to them last month and now I am telling them they have to get everything they want in that color now or else.

As a paper crafter I struggled.  Not just storage and organization (that was a huge issue for me though), but also, I kind of felt like I was somehow cheating on my retiring colors by actually liking some of the new ones.

So what do we do about it?

Here is what I found worked for my stampers last time…

While it can be very hard to embrace change, I encouraged them to look at their favorite colors that are retiring and match them with new colors coming in.  Where are the possibilities for wins?  And this isn't just a Pollyanna statement saying it's all good – I had to do this myself.  I am a paper crafter just like you!

For me, the colors I will miss most are Marina Mist and Wild Wasabi.  So I literally took pieces of card stock to my computer and held them up against the screen.


Stampin Up Color Revamp | Mixing new colors with old colors


For me, the win is Granny Apple Green with my Marina Mist.  Funny, it wasn't that appealing a color to me, until I held it next to Marina Mist.  I also liked Merry Merlot with it, also Mossy Meadow, and Mango Melody –  funny that they are all M's – I didn't realize that until I typed it out.

So what I found is that I really do need to stock up on Marina Mist card stock and now I am really excited to use it with Granny Apple Green.

One of my stampers took me up on the challenge, Shelley is also going to miss Wild Wasabi.  I encouraged her to do the same thing.

Here is what she came up with…

With Wild Wasabi, she loved Balmy Blue, Blackberry Bliss, she ventured into the new In Colors and liked Blueberry Bushel with it (as I type again, I am noticing they are all B's!!!)  She also really liked Flirty Flamingo with it.

When I asked her about her not already having Flirty Flamingo, as we have had it for a couple of years, she was shocked!  She had somehow missed that one before – but can't wait to get it.  She is stocking up on a lot of Wild Wasabi – so if that is the color you want too, you better hurry before she takes it all 🙂

So the bad is that some of our favorites are going to be gone.  I get that, I so get that.

The good in this is, new colors are fun.  They are trendy, they are fresh, and we are getting a bright blue back!  (I have also REALLY missed Brilliant Blue!)

Am I going to be able to handle two different ink pad styles?  Honestly, I don't know.  I doubt it though, and that is an entirely different post.

Change is both good and bad.  Always a positive with the negative.

So please take me up on the challenge.  Pick a couple of the colors that you will miss most and hold them up to your screen.  See what retiring colors you are excited to mix with new colors and share them in the comments below.  I can't wait to see what all you come up with!

The Stampin Up Color Revamp

Below is the Stampin Up Color Revamp colors.  If you would like to see/download the full summary of it all, click here.


Stampin Up Color Revamp



The Stampin Up Color Revamp will be a bittersweet occasion – out with the old, in with the new & all that stuff.  It has taken me more than a couple of days to start turning the corner to getting excited.  If you aren't quite there yet, I completely understand.  If you are 100% there, I am jealous 🙂  There is a TON of fun & new stuff headed our direction with the highly anticipated catalog release this year – lots to be excited about.  I can't wait to share it all with you!



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