Friday Flip Making a Handmade Greeting Card

It is a dark and dreary morning here in Texas.  Lots of rain & beautiful thunderstorms (I LOVE thunderstorms!)  So what better than a bright and cheery card to combat the dark and drearies?

I will be the first to admit that the Apple of My Eye stamp set from Stampin' Up! wasn't really doing anything for me when I first saw it in the catalog.  It just wasn't my thing.  It was OK, but not something I HAD TO HAVE – know what I mean?  It just kinda flew under the radar.

Then a friend from up North got it and didn't know why she got it because it really isn't her thing either.  So she sent it to me.  And I started going nuts with it.  The day it arrived I made a card with it.  Then two the next day.  Then it became the focus of an Advanced Card in Stamping Family.

In just under a week, I think I have made about 12 different cards with it.  It is the most fabulous set!

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So here I was, sitting here looking at a card I made about two weeks ago and BAM – I knew I had to flip this card.  And a new Friday Flip Episode was born!

Here is our inspiration card:


Friday Flip Making a Handmade Greeting Card


Super cute, right?

Before we get to the video, know that below the video is the list of supplies I used to create this flip.

Check out this week's Friday Flip Making a Handmade Greeting Card:



So what do you think?  Does it make you thirsty?  I did for me 🙂

Think of how many friends you could send this card to.  Is it a list of 1, 2, 24?

To order any of the products used so you can get those cards cranked out and ready to send, simply click a pic below!


Product List


Thank you so much for joining me for today's Friday Flip  Making a Handmade Greeting Card.  This Friday Flip episode is number 44!  Can you believe it?  WOW!  Be sure to sign up for that newsletter we previously talked about and check back this weekend for more card making ideas!


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