After this post where I showed how to make mock laser cut cards, I got lots of people asking me for tips on how to get those intricate dies to release their die cuts.

It can be a struggle to peel all those little shapes out of the wafer thin dies and trust me, I have torn more than one ten lots in my lifetime.  But the solution is as close as your……………….kitchen.  Yup, you heard that right!

Adding a piece of waxed paper, parchment paper, or a used dryer sheet between the die and your paper means that the paper will pop RIGHT off the die and because any of these added layers is non stick the die cut it will lift out very easily, if it doesn't fall out with the paper shape.  I keep a stack of squares of whatever I have on hand right there in my stamp room and it has made all the different.  It takes less time, MUCH less frustration and I am no longer wasting paper and card stock trying to get those little suckers free.  Lately I have been loving the parchment paper the best and you end up with all these gorgeous “ghostly” die cut images to use on other projects.

Here are two words I cut out; the one on the left with nothing and the one on the right with parchment paper. Which one would YOU want – every time?

Hello comparison

So, pad on down to the kitchen, grab what you have from your wrap section and try this out – you will never again have to fight or fiddle to get those detailed dies to let go of their pretty shapes!

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