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Have you found that your gorgeous, crystal clear photopolymer stamps from Stampin' Up! (or other companies) are staining and you would like to keep them looking pristine?  Have I got a tip for you!  This was first shared by a member on Stamping Family and I felt it was just too helpful not to share.

Photopolymer stamps, just by virtue of their material, are more prone to staining.  And some inks, likes reds and blacks, are more prone to staining photopolymer.  You may have noticed that if you stamp with a dark red or an intense pink, your photopolymer stamps will take on a ruddy hue.  But here's the thing – ANY color will “stain” photopolymer to some degree.  So go ahead and stain them – with a PALE COLOR.

That's right, the first time you stamp with a photopolymer stamp, or perhaps as a preventative step when you first get them, go ahead and ink them up with the palest color you have.  I usually use Pink Pirouette but any light color will work.  Stamp off the ink and clean your stamps using your Stampin' Scrub and Stampin' Mist and now they are “stained” meaning that when you do use a color that could stain your stamps, the pale color will offer some resistance.  This isn't 100% fool proof of course and your mileage may vary depending on what brands of ink and cleaners you are using but it will significantly reduce the amount of staining on your stamps and help keep them looking good all the time.

Ain't nobody got time for icky!  So go ahead, prestain your gorgeous Stampin' Up! Photopolymer Stamps and keep them from turning icky colors!

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