Definitely Sketches Reject

When we did our upgrade to Definitely Sketches, we recreated several of the projects to make them totally rock!  And here is one that I created and also rejected for one that was much better.

This is a really simple card that follows one of the exclusive sketches from our program.    And remember, the price for Definitely Sketches goes up tomorrow!

What all does our upgrade include?
Upgrade #1:  A brand new PDF that is FREE for everyone!  
It's called “How to Use a Sketch” and breaks it all down for you teaching you how to use a sketch!  And gives you tips on putting your own spin on sketches.  It also shows you a sketch and three different ways to interpret that sketch.
Download your FREE copy of How to Use a Sketch!

Upgrade #2:  Most of the PDF tutorials have been refreshed to include hot new samples.  

Today all issues and links will be upgraded.  Your first one is already upgraded, so you will get the best of the best!

 Upgrade #3:  An upgraded program gets an upgraded price. 

The price for Definitely Sketches will increase tomorrow (Tuesday). Subscribe to the program by Monday evening and you will pay $4.95/month for as long as you are subscribed!

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 With every issue, I get the BEST emails in my inbox.  This is what Jackie says:
“I was thrilled with the program before, but with these new upgrades I am blown away!  I know that sketches are the trendy thing right now, and I have wanted to participate in sketch challenges.  BUT, I never really knew how to start with these dang things.  Your program has taught me the how-to and has given me the confidence to really share my paper crafts.  Thank you!!!”
Onto the Definitely Sketches REJECT:
definitely Sketches reject, sketch challenges
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