Let's start with what is important…  my Honey!  Matt's surgery went very well.  He is miserable and questions why he had this done in the first place.  He is in a lot of pain and it kills me not to be able to do anything.  If he could sleep, I think that would help.  But he really hurts too much to sleep.

The palette reconstruction did not have to be as severe as expected because his tonsils were massive.  So this is good news and bad news.  The recovery is longer with larger tonsils, but good that not as much palette work needed to be done.  He says even though he never felt his uvula before, not having one now seems weird.

Now onto the more part of this post…  Many of you know that this has been a rough 9 months for us, with serious illnesses and more, I had (almost) accepted that most of my business goals would not happen.  I was getting used to that whole thing.

As of last week, Matt and I were trying to accept that the annual trip with Stampin' Up! would not happen.  And we were so bummed because it is FIJI!!!  And the annual trip is our annual vacation.  It is funny how differently we both see the annual trip.  My first trip was Hawaii four years ago.  I heard Hawaii announced and I worked my tail off for it.  Then the next one was a Caribbean cruise and I wanted to go on a cruise, I had never been on one.  So I worked hard for that one.  Then the next year was Alaska and Matt asked me almost every day to see if I had earned it.  He helped with everything you can imagine because Alaska was always his dream vacation.  Then Disney, the tides shifted from Matt asking everyday to Emily asking everyday. 

Fiji is different because Matt and I both wanted to go on this on.  We were both talking about it everyday and googling it almost everyday.  But with the way the last nine months have been, it seemed out of the question…

Until this week….

When we first saw Matt as he was going into the intermediate care unit at the hospital after surgery, he said to me, "I love you, and I really want to go to Fiji."  What in the world was he dreaming about in surgery?  And it broke my heart that the first things he said included something I did not think possible.

I still do not know how it happened, I will study my reports later when Matt is feeling better and does not need as much help, but somehow I am $514 in sales away from earning Fiji!  When I do that by the end of today, (because I never leave anything to the last day, too much can happen and I like to see it on my screen before the time ends), then Matt and I get to go to FIJI!!!

So if there is anything you need from Stampin' Up!, would you please order it today?  You can either email me or place it directly from my online store. Your orders today would mean the world to me!!!

And here is the best part, Matt has no idea that it is within reach.  I would love for this to be a surprise – what an awesome surprise, right?

Thank you so much for your support in this, I would love to be able to tell him tomorrow that yes, he can go to Fiji.  And tomorrow is Emily's birthday, she would love to hear that she gets a week with her Gran (so she can eat as much ice cream as she wants for a whole week) while we go out of town.

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