Today was incredible!   I think that the highlight of this trip is the road trip to Kanab to meet with the incredible employees at the Kanab facility.  Kanab is the Stampin' Up! factory that makes all the rubber stamps.  It is such a treat to go and visit with these wonderful people.  I was extremely lucky to spend a lot of time with Kris who works there.  There is a new project about to start at the facility and he is overseeing all of that.  He also is in charge of ordering all the materials for the facility.  And most of you know that I am a very curious person, so I asked him so many questions, I really don't know if he was expecting that!  But I must not have scared him too badly, he chose to sit by me at lunch, and I accosted him with even MORE questions!  I also got to learn about his wife Jeana, and his two girls (that are a smidge younger than Emily) Makayla and Mikkel.

Quick rundown of the day:

Woke up while it was still dark :(, ate, got on a bus and drove for two hours to Kanab.  Shelli and Sarah were on our bus going, and she asked a bunch of questions of us.  Pulled into the Kanab facility and there was everyone outside waiting for us and cheering for us, thanking us!  It was amazing!  I did not think I would have the same tearful reaction that I had last year, wrong!  Got inside and started our tour.  Kris showed us around, I cut pieces of rubber at 13", and did a terrible job, despite having Shane as a great teacher.  I do not think they would hire me for that position.  Helped make Contempo Christmas Stamp Set.  Saw the super secret room that holds all the plates for the NEXT big catalog (the sets were under lock and key, I did not see them.) 

Then they were so sneaky!  We walked by a stamp set being made and none of us recognized it, Kris said, "Oops, you were not supposed to see that!"  We got to box up the stamps with the wood blocks and stickers and then we got to KEEP THE SET!  It is in the upcoming mini catalog and trust me, you will want it!

Off to the park in Kanab for lunch and pictures at the playground. 

Shopped at Danny's Wigwam, bought Emily horse slippers :)  She will probably name both the left and right ones Benny.

Then back to Kanab, the plan was to lie down, nope!  Went and plinko'd for prizes, and then ate dinner.


We went to Tuacahn Ampitheatre to watch The Little Mermaid!  It is an incredible outdoor theater and I loved every second of it.  The first person to tell Emily that I saw it without her will be cropped out of my scrapbook pages!

Now, I am going to bed.  I am so tired and not feeling great.  So I wanted to share real quick, I will add a couple of pictures now and more tomorrow if I wake up.

This was our lunch box!

Ok, now this is funny!  I am trying to upload a picture of my friend Patty and I, and I was planning to write that if you do not know Patty, consider yourself lucky!  And the picture will not upload, no matter what!  So I guess it did not want me teasing Patty!

So let's try something else…

Nope, not happening.  That is a delightful sign from God to turn off the computer and get the rest I desperately need.

Tomorrow:  Pictures from Jail, and potentially my own personal hell:  cooking!  We received this super cute apron as our pillow gift tonight and on the box, the tag said "Inspire".  I don't cook, and have ZERO aspiration to cook, if this is a hint of our activity tomorrow, do not eat anything that comes from Utah!



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