For our last group activity, we went to the most amazing golf course, and my stomach dropped straight to the floor thinking that I may actually have to play a round of golf.  I should have known better! 

We started off with our golf carts and we started on the 9th hole.  Balancing marshmellows on a golf club, go 'round the flag and do it quick so your next teammate can go…

DSCN2816 DSCN2876

  Then it continued on to the Marshmellow Drive (whack a marshmellow as hard as you can and make it go as far as it can… I did terrible. 

The challenges continued and so did the fun!

Dinner was a wonderful buffet and we were lucky enough to have Shelli at our table, we had a great conversation and learned a lot about her and my teammates.

DSCN2880 And we all won a trophy!


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