I made it!  I am really here and arrived with all my luggage and have had a great day!  For those of you that may not be familiar with Founder's Circle, it is a reward trip through Stampin' Up! for the top demonstrators and it is four days of fun in Southern Utah. 

The day began with my flight from Austin to Salt Lake City, then I flew on something that resembled the size of a pack of gum, into St. George.  And it RAINED!  If you are from Texas, you may have no idea what this "rain" word is that I am referring to, but it was moisture falling from the sky!

We got to the Marriot Courtyard, where we get our own hotel room, and it is decorated so cute!   I did not get great pictures of it yet, because apparantly this whole "rain" thing makes the sky dark.  But I will get pictures. 

This is what is on my door…

The theme is a Tea Party.  We had to find our table mates by dinner time, and then we shared a fabulous dinner.  Here is what our places looked like…

Under the tea cups (that we got to keep 🙂 were napkins, and I don't mean paper napkins.  These were the softest satin, and while this sounds insanely stupid, it was such a treat to use a napkin that did not go in the trash afterwards!

And the chairs were so pretty…

Here is my awesome room, it is mine, all mine, I get to decide the temperature in the room, pick the TV channels (or more importantly, keeping it off!), all of it.  Mine, mine, mine (and for all of you that know Disney's Nemo, picture the seaguls saying that.)

And after dinner, I came back to my room for a fun pillow gift!  Wrapped in a Big Shot Die Box, was all our supplies for our Make and Takes.  Now, I cannot show you the incredibly awesome new stamp set or accessory (hint:  new toy for the Big Shot), I can show you part of it…

Here are the goodies I can share with you…

Oh, and I completely forgot… DESSERT!  We always have incredible desserts on these trips.  (Which partially explains the 7 lb weight gain I had last year.)  And I really do not know of any other group that takes as many pictures of food as Stampin' Up! demonstrators.  This was a super yummy banana cheesecake…

So what does the rest of the night include?  I ran to Target and grabbed a book…

And I have my fun Founder's Circle Yearbook to look through as well!

So this is the end of day one.  I am a bit tired, a bit excited to put on my PJ's, and ready to say Goodnight.

I will share more tomorrow!


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