My Emily is 4 years old, going on 16.  Does that sound familiar to anyone?  She will be turning 5 this month and starting kindergarden in the fall (insert tears here).  I am not OK with this, just in case you were wondering.


My daughter loves to stamp, I mean LOVES to stamp.  If you are at any of my classes, you will meet her and sometimes she even gets to "help".  Which is always interesting.  She loves to help set out the cardstock, she loves it when she gets to wear my extra Stampin' Up! apron, she is just a born helper.  And as we say in our house, she is an "Excellent Helper", (which means that she helps in a way that is completely un-helpful, but she is proud of her efforts.)

Stamping is a reward in our home, so she is often rewarded for doing "helpful" things with stamp time.  She is also just as motivated by earning free stamps as any demonstrator is.  I have offered (bribed) her with stamp sets for being sensational while I am doing something where I need quiet time and she ALWAYS does it.  Funny, huh?

Emily is the most coordinated little girl I have ever seen.  Now, every mom says that right?  But she amazes me with what she can do physically, in fact, it scares me.  She has been riding her bike without training wheels since she was three.  Never would I have thought that a three year old could do this.  But she can.  She can do all sorts of tricks on her scooter, having never ridden a scooter, I had no clue this was difficult, but apparently, it is.

She is standing right here, and has asked me to tell you, "You should also try riding a scooter, it is fun.  You just put your leg in front of you and then just swish it, you will get the hang of it." 

We will be stamping together in just a bit, I told her that I wanted to put a picture of her card that she made the other day, and she said that she wants me to show what she makes today, it will be prettier.  So later today, I will share her latest creation 🙂

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